Venture Capital Funding

Venture Capital Funding

VC funding not only brings in large sum of equity finance, but also valuable information, resources and technical assistance to make a business successful. We ourselves invest as well as raise capital for listed and unlisted Companies in India, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. We focus on matured and seasoned start-ups who have completed at least one round of funding, thus avoiding the perils of seed funding. Typical ticket sizes we deal with are as below:

  • A series Rs 40 – 70 Cr
  • B series Rs 70 – 100 Cr
  • C series. Rs 100 – 150 Cr
  • D series Rs 150 Cr and above

The stages of financing we look into corresponding to the periods of a company’s development are listed below:

  • Second-Round: Operational capital given for early stage companies which are selling products, but not returning a profit
  • Third-Round:, this is the money for expanding a newly beneficial company
  • Fourth-Round: Also called bridge financing, 4th round is proposed for financing the “going public” process

This year we would have a keen eye for sectors that cater to SaaS and enterprise softwaare, agritech, D2C, electric mobility, Future of Work, generative AI, digital health, Fintech, blockchain and Web3, and security, compliance & privacy and renewables.