Jawaharlal Nichani

Jawahar Nichani is the Co-Founder/ CEO of Equittap LLP Company

Jawahar holds a Post Graduation in Commerce from Madras University. He is a Financial Consultant with over 25 years of exposure in organizing secured and unsecured loans for SMEs and MSMEs. He has experience in structuring large loans from various financial institutions in consortium format. 

He is the Managing Director and Founder of Fast Finance Private Limited (founded in 1995), a closely held family company. Fast Finance has been funding various industries, exporters and traders by giving unsecured and secured loans. It continues to be a profit making company from its inception.

He is also an investor in the equity market and manages a personal portfolio. Acts as an advisor to many who are beginning their investment journet in the equity market.

He is a Rotarian in Rotary Club of Madras South and an incoming President for the year 2022-23

He also was a Chairman of a club in Round Table India.